Curiosity is the best compass. In a traditional sense, standing at a fork in the road means you’re left with only two options. While that remains undeniably true, in today’s contemporary living there are other paths to navigate beyond the obvious if you’re willing to take detours and make discoveries along the way.

Finding himself at fork on his own life path, Bryan has decided to share his personal appetite for adventure and what he finds enjoyable and uplifting in hopes that it ignites others to start following their curiosity compass. As a PR professional, Bryan enjoys merging the potential with the possible—that’s where creativity and life intersect. Whether it’s admiring a cliff side sunrise, chatting with patrons at a local bar about some classic cocktail recommendations, staying ahead of the style curve, or simply enjoying a few of life’s quieter moments, Bryan isn’t trying to reinvent life, simply enhance it.

Bryan calls Los Angeles home which he loves to explore armed only with optimism and his camera. LA’s rich history tells such amazing stories through its cultural neighborhoods, incredible landscapes and plethora of people. Having previously lived on the East Coast and in the Caribbean as well as traveled the globe, Bryan brings a worldly view to Detours and Discoveries and isn’t afraid to try something new even if it’s only once. He’s a down to Earth, no nonsense kind of guy who welcomes advice and adventure opportunities from others as those are gifts not to be taken for granted.

Take what you like from Detours and Discoveries. Find inspiration, a new recipe, a style trend, a destination not to be missed, but most importantly take the risk and see what else is out there.